Sunday, 27 April 2014

I fell asleep with you still talking to me; you said you weren't afraid to die.

I lied I lied I lied. That didn't last long, did it? I am too vain, narcissistic and bored to stay away forever anyway.

 The last two weeks floated past in a dim, insignificant haze. The weather has been soft and unexpectedly warm. I got to wear my pink lace dress without a coat and a man with lonely eyes whispered 'beautiful' at me like it was an accusation. It probably was. As soon as the rare sun comes out my confidence soars. Just as I write this though I've noticed the ominous patter of rain against my window has returned. oh well.

I am holding onto a last thread. The world is open. I dream with such determination it's almost laughable. Six weeks and I can take that train to Dublin, wait a while, let the city sink in, and then a midnight ferry to London, watching the last lights across the bay and cutting each one off like another old lover. The wind in my hair and the salt of sea clinging to my skin and stinging my eyes. I am happiest when I'm moving. Happiest when I let my self softly out the door, everyone else asleep, unaware of their pre-dawn vulnerability.
A little lipstick print on a tea-cup in the sink- a final kiss, a parting gift.

I know I'll never stay in one place forever.

 London in December (image mine)

Dublin across the sea at night (image mine)


  1. glad you lied. moving is always a fresh start, it gets addicting doesn't it?

    dreaming is believing

  2. Nesting is for when you get old. Keep moving while you are young and make connections where ever you go.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I cannot wait for movement in my life as well. I've got wanderlust biting at my ears.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  4. So lovely. And I love those pictures. Amazing how the internet allows us to meet people from places we only dream of going.

  5. Gorgeous piece!

    Dreaming with determination is one thing which I'm really good at. I've an endless list of places where I want to go and get lost in the city streets. And some day, I will. :)

  6. i'm glad you lied too, i just found you.. don't go xx

  7. Dreaming is my only way of moving these days. Hell, these past few years now. I hate being still, hate being in the same place for too long. It does crazy things to my mind and my soul kind of withers away, dormant, too bored with whats happening now so it sleeps, awaiting the next adventure

    Dancing in Black

  8. I am so glad you "lied". (so sorry about dissapearing again, i guess you know...) so many things i need to tell you though!!! I'll write soon. I am so glad you are back and leave words like "whispered 'beautiful' at me like it was an accusation"


  9. I envy you - because of your writing and also because you'll get to be in Dublin followed by London ahah! That photo of London is hauntingly beautiful.


Thank you for your words.